Teacher Nini

Teacher Nini a Kindergarten teacher. She holds a Pos-Graduation Degree in Education.

Currently she is working in the Thesis of the Master Degree focus in how playing is important in Earlier Childhood Education.

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I believe that education is sharing knowledge, experiences by creating links through a learning process between educators and learners. Educators spread their knowledge to learners. With learners feedback and contributes, Educators follow a certain path, choosing different strategies and methodology to fulfill each student needs. I believe that classroom is a fertile soil to plant variety learning opportunities. Students learn with teacher, Teacher learns and improve with students. School is the climate, the essential minerals and substances to feed the school community. Administrative, staff, teachers, students, and parents … also learn and improve with their own experience, with their colleagues and peers. Also with students, teachers and parents feedback, school improve their performance and all together we grown in a healthy environment. Teacher needs to respect diversity and believe in inclusion education. All learners are unique and learn differently, we should respect each child time and address the subject in a diverse way for different understanding level. Teacher should allowed students to demonstrate their knowledge through different abilities and share their ideas with the classmates. Make the students feel motivated and proud of their work. We need to be fair and give same opportunity to each child and let student voice out its feelings and ideas. In other hand, Schools administrations should allow teacher and staff to express their opinion, and build a real school community, respecting culture background, believes and personal values. Moreover Teacher should follow school’s policies and respect local culture, but keep in mind their own values and believes. In Earlier Childhood Education emotional is something very powerful; it can be use all the time in different ways for survival. I believe that children can learn by playing and learn through own experiences and mistakes... I think that children can learn more and understand better with positive environment. If teacher spread positive energy, happiness and teach with enthusiastic, we will motivate students. Learning is a process of joy, without joy, knowledge will be just memory without understanding. By building that class climate and with new technologies, together we can create a strong new method of teaching and learning. I believe that teaching is building a link between trust and respect, a consistent bridge between learners and educators... Learning is a construction process, a not static knowledge and values. Teaching is meaningful, students trust and smile is our reward in this profession.

Nair Cardoso